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*****PRECUT KIT*****


Introducing the "TICKETY TWO", exclusively available at Quilt-Addicts. Crafted with precision, our pre-cut quilt kits save you time and ensure perfect results every time. Ideal for quilt enthusiasts, this kit simplifies the creative process, letting you focus on the joy of quilting. As an Australian-based internet mail order company, we pride ourselves on superior quality and convenience, with all prices in Australian Dollars. Discover the ease of creating stunning quilts with our expertly designed and cut kits.


(100% cut. No cutting required by you.)


Fabrics are all 100% cotton bright prints and black homespun.


Kit includes cut fabric for top and binding only, diagrams and sewing instructions.

Backing and wadding not included in kits.


All my kits are pre-cut and the pieces are individually labelled for less confusion.

This design comes in the following sizes:

Lap 53" x 53"

Single 65" x 53"

Small Double 65" x 65"

Twin Single 77" x 65"

Double 78" x 78"

King Single 90" x 78"

Queen 90" x 90"

Large Queen 102" x 90"

Small King 103" x 103"

King 115" x 103"

Large King 115" x 115"

New - TICKETY TWO ***.

  • Quilt-Addicts Returns Policy

    Effective: January 1, 2002

    • Patterns can not be returned.
    • If there are any missing pieces, please contact Quilt-Addicts with the following information: Your name, date of purchase, Kit name, description of fabric (i.e. colour and print), size and or shape.
      If Quilt-Addicts believes the information to be genuine, the missing pieces will be posted within 5 working days.
    • Any accessories found to have manufacturing defects will be replaced at no charge.
    • All claims must be approved for return prior to the return of the goods.
    • Claims for faulty stock must be reported to "Quilt-Addicts" within three (3) days of the receipt of the order.
    • Any discrepancy (pricing, quantity, taxes etc) should be reported to us immediately.
    • This will ensure prompt corrective action on our part.
    • A copy of the relevant invoice must accompany returned items.
    • If you have any questions about the return of your item, please e-mail us Be sure to include your order details and e-mail address with any correspondence.
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