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*****PRECUT KIT*****


A scrappy batik design. "Jantung" means heart in Indonesian.

This gorgeous kit comes in every batik I have. It has a choice of dark or light background.

The back ground colour is also scrappy. Different prints and shades of white/cream or black.

No two kits are ever the same.


Backing and wadding not included in kits.


All my kits are pre-cut and the pieces are individually labelled for less confusion.


PDF pattern also available, sent electronically to your email.


This design comes in the following sizes:

Lap 51" x 45"

Single 51" x 58"

Small Double 67" x 59"

Twin Single 67" x 72"

Double 83" x 73"

Small Queen 83" x 86"

King Single 84" x 100"

Queen 99" x 87"

Small King 100" x 101"

King 115" x 101"

Large King 116" x 115"

NEW - Jantung **

  • Effective: January 1, 2002

    • Patterns can not be returned.
    • If there are any missing pieces, please contact Quilt-Addicts with the following information: Your name, date of purchase, Kit name, description of fabric (i.e. colour and print), size and or shape.
      If Quilt-Addicts believes the information to be genuine, the missing pieces will be posted within 5 working days.
    • Any accessories found to have manufacturing defects will be replaced at no charge.
    • All claims must be approved for return prior to the return of the goods.
    • Claims for faulty stock must be reported to "Quilt-Addicts" within three (3) days of the receipt of the order.
    • Any discrepancy (pricing, quantity, taxes etc) should be reported to us immediately.
    • This will ensure prompt corrective action on our part.
    • A copy of the relevant invoice must accompany returned items.
    • If you have any questions about the return of your item, please e-mail us Be sure to include your order details and e-mail address with any correspondence.
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